stack problem

Ellen De Beuckeleer ellen.debeuckeleer at
Mon Jul 11 07:48:41 BST 2005


I use some extremely large arrays like : int myArray[myconst] and 
myconst can be eg. 1000000. My total amount of space required for an 
instance of the class is about 26,6 MB. I am reusing code which I have 
not written myself and I am not supposed to change to much.


Nikolay Melekhin wrote:

>> I have a rather strange problem. When using an instance of a class on 
>> the stack, my program crashes due to a write error. If I use the same 
>> instance on the heap, it doesn't. The only possible explanation left 
>> is that it seems like the stack is to small for te instance (???) I 
>> would like to test this possibility by enlarging the maximal stack 
>> size. I think it might be done with the "-max-frame-size=n", but I'me 
>> ot sure. A lot of uncertainties, so here are my questions:
>> - can anyone tell me how/where to add the "-max-frame-size=n" option 
>> to my makefile in Kdevelop?
>> - any other possible sollutions?
> Can I see you class definition, what require too many stack space?

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