I think I found a bug...

leonp at plris.com leonp at plris.com
Wed Jul 6 15:40:06 BST 2005

Hello, all.

I think that I found a bug in KDevelop.The symptoms I observe are:

I have my project working for several months. Yesterday, I made some changes 
to one of the cpp files and the effect was very impressive - KDevelop hangs. 
When I restart it (killing with Ctrl-Alt-Esc) it tries to open the project, 
writes "the project is opened", then progress bar appears in the status bar, 
which stops at about 80% and everything hangs.
Eliminating the code changes (thanks God, I have daily backups) one by one I 
finally found the code change which causes the problem. Below is the file 
(after eliminating not relevant code:
		InIO.NAME 	= TestOverFlag[i##NAME] ? TestOver[i##NAME] : NAME.GetStable(); }

void cSample::Body(rtems_task_argument Arg) {
As one can easily see, the second call to ADD_SAMPLE macro is incorrect - no 
closing ')' is provided. This error causes the KDevelop to hang. As a test - 
I added the missing ')' and nothing hangs, but work fine. Note, that the last 
line is also erroneous, but this does not influence for some reason.


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