Problem after upgrading kevelop

Tarjei Knapstad tarjei.knapstad at
Fri Jan 28 14:14:40 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 08:51, Muhammad Rizwan Khan wrote:

> Now what should i do now, should i go to the previous distribution or
> can fix this problem.


You just have to bite the bullet here and update your knowledge on C++.
The problem is not the distribution, KDevelop or the newer gcc/standadrd
library implementations. The problem is that your code does not conform
to the C++ standard, and it's that part you need to fix (it worked on
gcc 2.96 included with Redhat 7.2 because that compiler graciously
accepted non-conformant code - such allowances have later been

I can recommend the following reading:

"Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example"
by Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo

"The C++ Standard Library : A Tutorial and Reference"
by Nicolai M. Josuttis

While you're at it, it might be a good idea to also upgrade your
distribution to Fedora Core 3 ( This will
provide you with the very latest of compilers, and also KDevelop 3.x.

Good luck!


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