Java KConfig and SQL

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sat Jan 22 13:22:03 GMT 2005

On 22.Jan 2005 - 11:33:57, Ian Porter wrote:
> On Saturday 22 January 2005 10:37, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 22.Jan 2005 - 09:45:39, Ian Porter wrote:
> > > 2) Within one of the Linux magazines that I read (Linux Format) it has a
> > > Kdevelop tutorial and with reference to a KConfig settings class.  But
> > > there is the admin directory that has the information on how to compile
> > > .kcfg and .kcfgc files with the kconfig_compiler but there is no files to
> > > say how to do it, so wondering how is this done ?  I always get the error
> > > "/home/ian/Programming/LXFGallery/lxfgallery/src/lxfgallery.cpp:91:
> > > undefined reference to `Settings::self()'"
> >
> > Normally, you only need to add the .kcfgc file to the "program in bin"
> > target in the automake manager and add "kde_kcfg_DATA = appname.kcfg"
> >
> > Then rerun the automake&friends menu entry and the Makefile is setup
> > corretly. There is also a good tutorial online available:
> >
> >
> >
> Thanks for the url and also the advice, but it still does not work.  I can 
> create the settings.cpp/h files on the command line and also the settings.o 
> and just included them within the automake "program bin" options.  Just would 
> have prefered to have it working within kdevelop.

With kdevelop's automake manager you can include the settings.kcfgc
file, but the kde_kcfg_DATA target must (AFAIK) be added by Hand to
the Oh, and Kdevelop version < CVS-HEAD has a bug in
it's templates, thus setting MIN_CONFIG to 3.0.0 in
Because of this configure script doesn't check for kconfig_compiler
and thus the generated Makefiles do not call it. So just set the
MIN_CONFIG to 3.2.0 or so, rerun automake and configure afterwards.

> > This is a qt-issue. How did you install QT? What OS are you using?
> I am using qt-x11 free download with the kde 3.3.2 version (within konstruct).  
> Also I am using mandrake 10.1 community edition with kernel version 2.6.10 
> compiled from source.

So I would suspect your QT being compiled without any DB-Support.
IIRC the QT configure script checks for it and includes it, so
question is, do you have the header files for mysql in a place where
configure can find it (probably in /usr/include)? If not you need to
install mysql-dev (I don't know how Madrake calls the package) and
rebuild QT. You can also check that konstruct is calling QT's
configure with apropriate options (I don't know them out of my head).


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