Java KConfig and SQL

Ian Porter ian at
Sat Jan 22 09:45:39 GMT 2005

Hi All,

Hopefully you's can help.  I have just compiled the lastest stable version of 
the kdevelop (very nice application btw).  I have a couple of issues at the 

1). When I create a new Java kde application, when it is creating the 
directories it says "The file /home/ian/Programming/tj/subdirs" cannot be 

2) Within one of the Linux magazines that I read (Linux Format) it has a 
Kdevelop tutorial and with reference to a KConfig settings class.  But there 
is the admin directory that has the information on how to compile .kcfg 
and .kcfgc files with the kconfig_compiler but there is no files to say how 
to do it, so wondering how is this done ?  I always get the error
"/home/ian/Programming/LXFGallery/lxfgallery/src/lxfgallery.cpp:91: undefined 
reference to `Settings::self()'"

3) I have a mySQL database, but when I try out the SQL project within the 
database configuration I have the settings
Plugins = There is none to choose from
Database name=D
All of the configurations are correct apart from there is no plugins, just 
wondering how to setup these ?

Cheers for any help.

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