code completion question

Thomas Porschberg thomas.porschberg at
Wed Jan 5 11:34:31 GMT 2005

I have two question regarding code completion in
version 3.1.0.

1) speed question

   Look at this code in a local method:

     int tmi; 
     std::vector<int> tmp;

   Then I type "Ctrl+Space" it takes about 10 seconds until the 
   possibilities "tmi" and "tmp" are offered(on recent hardware).
   Is this the expected delay time ?

2) If I type:
   std::vector<int> tmp;

   the several methods for the vector container are offered to me.

   However if I type: 
   vector<int> tmp; 
   and provide the using directive "using std::vector"
   no methods are offered and in the status bar I see 
   "Type of tmp. is vector"
   I would suspect that in this case the methods are offered too to me.



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