Module(kernel) skelton exist as well?

wathavy wathavy tacowathavy at
Tue Feb 22 00:29:31 UTC 2005


I wonder if there is standard method to program 
modules/kernel processes with KDevelop?

And if exist, debug environment for module

I used KDevelop wizzard to make C program to have
simple user side example to make and run and debug.
And, of course, I am very pleased to see graphical 
user interfaces which are not at all available with
bash and vi and gdb  (have not tried ddd yet).

I also need to have pleasing graphical presentations
on acquired data on screen as well, so I am anticipating
good environment to have nice looking GUIs with 

But I wonder if I still have to cope with these 
primitive ( some might say professional though )
non GUI environment to program and debug once I need
to make module side programing?

Please give any advise.

My main target is to use Real time Linux to have
accurate and precise hard real time data acquisitions
which are nearly completed already thanks to these
rtlinux people.Thea are just as nice as you are.
(They supply RtLinuxFree as well.)

Thank you for your attention.


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