'KDE-libraries-Doc' Not found. How to install it? or..

wathavy wathavy tacowathavy at yahoo.co.jp
Mon Feb 21 23:54:05 UTC 2005

Hi Andreas 
As you told me there the documents have been.
It gives me no more complaint at all.

Thank you.

Few more problems are;
1.I need to be root to start KDevelopment to have 
  these documents contents visible.

2.I down loaded sources (KDev&Docs)but I could not 
  'make' them because I could not set proxy properly
   which I doubt heavily.

3.The proxy setting failure may affect the invisibilty
  of any web site through KDevelop environment.

I doubt I am unaware of proxy setting parameters
on bash and KDevelopment environment.

Any more suggestions?

Thank you.


> On Debian install kdelibs4-doc, then the
> documentation is installed in
> /usr/share/kde/HTML/en/kdelibs-apidocs. If you
> compile kdevelop
> yourself you can use the
> option for configure to make it find the kdelibs
> doc.
> Andreas

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