create a new directory

julien Jabon elekis at
Fri Feb 18 08:51:28 GMT 2005

I try to create a new file and a new directory in a project.
to do that, I right click on file selector-> new directory. 
He ask me th name of the new directory.  I put that.

first question, how to do to  make taht directory a active directory???? 

after I create a new file, a cpp file. and that  I have a box with a
directory  and name of the new file I choose the directory that I ve
just created   I put the name and he say me that

The directory you selected is not the active directory.
You should 'activate' the target you're currently working on in
Automake Manager.
Just right-click a target and choose 'Make Target Active'.

I click ok
 and "automake manager choose target box" open.
I have two thing active target an other target. I click to an other
rtharget,  and I havent my new directory.  on the file (down) I can't
click right on ..

my question is how can I do to create a directoy with a new file in 
and all is took by autotools and the others.



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