Auto-show of debugger windows (Was: Simple question)

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Wed Aug 31 15:51:21 BST 2005

On Wednesday, 31 ◊ĎAugust 2005 17:07, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > Please, help me with the very simple item: while I run the debugger, I
> > should like to always see the "variables" and "gdb" windows/frames. But
> > when I close the debugger, I do not need them more.
> >
> > Is  there any way to open/close them automatically entering/exiting the
> > debugger?
> The variables windows is automatically shown/hidden in 3.5 branch. I'm not
> sure about "gdb" window -- I'd prefer to show framestack instead.
This strongly depends on the work you do. For embedded development there are 
many interactions with gdb which can not be done via GUI. Also, as there is 
no quick way to see the variable value (for example, as I suggested - as a 
call out when cursor is hoovering over the variable), I often use "print" 
command (because I do not want so many variables to be displayed all the time 
in variables window - this takes significant time via the f.e. serial line).


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