Design of register/memory viewers

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Aug 31 15:40:39 BST 2005

I would like to get some user suggestions on register/memory displays.

In current KDevelop, those are part of "Viewers" window. The first problem is 
that the window is modal. The second problem is that it's not dockable.

For register view, I have two alternatives:
1. Create another window (near the "variables" view), that would display
2. Show registers in the "variables" view -- add new top-level item, and
   make register children of that item. 

For memory, I can think only about creating another window. It can have
"start/end" input boxes just like current memory viewer, or it can have tabs,
allowing to view several memory regions at the same time.

Any comments or suggestions?

- Volodya

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