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Mon Aug 22 08:07:40 BST 2005

On Saturday 20 August 2005 02:44, Matias Valdenegro T. wrote:
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> Will your book be avalaible under a Free (Beer/Speech) License, or at least
> I will be able to download it as PDF free of charge?

Matias (And list)

I'm a firm believer in the "Open" philosophy which means Hardware, Software 
and Knowledge. The KDevelop developers did all the hard work and provided the 
community with one of the best (IMHO anyway) FREE IDE and I think it would be 
wrong to charge anyone for a writing about it. Luckily some people like to 
have paper copies or just a book so I'm still looking for a publisher (Maybe 
O'Reilly is a good choice. What do you people think?) who wants to print it.

To make a short answer long :) Yes! There will be a free (beer AND speech) 
copy in PDF available from our website (Link follows if the English 
translation of the site is ready) and there will be (hopefully) a paper copy 

I'm still interested in proposals for subjects so feel free to email me at the 
address below or preferably through the mailinglist.

Peter M. Groen
Open Systems Development
Klipperwerf 12
2317 DZ  Leiden
T: +31-(0)-71-5216317  M: +31-(0)6-29563390
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