New Project does not import SVN files

Michael Schreifels technel at
Fri Aug 5 20:03:12 BST 2005


I am working on a project at which I have a subversion account. I am
running Debian Linux and subversion is installed. I have the latest
verison of KDevelop. I have eSvn installed, a GUI front-end for
subversion. There I can enter my subversion account information and it
fetches the files fine.

In kdevelop, though:

1.) It does not ask for a username/password for subversion when I
create a new project, thus it probably wouldn't let me commit if it
2.) I enter the http:// url to the repository, but the "Progress
Dialog" just sits on 0%.

Any ideas on why it doesn't work? Thanks,

Michael Schreifels

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