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Hallo Phil,

the *.moc.cpp and *.moc.o files are produced / handled by the Qt Meta 
Object Compiler. They are generated from the header files which you define 
your classes in. So it is safe to delete them all. In this case the MOC is 
"forced" by the makefile to re-generate them anew (provided your makefile 
is correct).
If you look at the files mapvid.moc.cpp and mapvid.moc.o, I guess you will 
see that they have been generated _before_ you started to port to KDE 
3.2.3. Therefore there is some reference to old code (MapVid::paintEvent) 
that you intended to remove (indicating that your makefile might not be 
completely correct, and shoud be re-generated as well).

Hope it works.

Best regards,


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I recently upgraded KDE to 3.2.3 and Kdevelop to 3.0.4 and now I'm having 
problems compiling many of my old projects. I don't know if this because 
an error on my part, a bug or a missing library of some sort.

One area that is causing me a real problem is this:

I created a dialogue with Qt Designer that included a custom widget. I 
deleted the custom widget and saved the new dialogue files that Qt 
created. The .cpp and .h files generated by Qt Designer do not contain any 

reference to the custom widget yet Kdevelop displays this error message:


undefined reference to `MapWid::paintEvent(QPaintEvent*)'

MapWid is the custom widget. How do I update the project to show that 
is no longer included in the project?

Does the following message mean that I'm missing something called "p4"? If 
where do I find it? A google search has not helped.

/bin/sh: line 1: p4: command not found


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