Missing classbrowser in PHP project

Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at swipnet.se
Tue Oct 26 17:24:24 BST 2004

On Tuesday 26 October 2004 12.03, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> Hi,
> I am missing the classbrowser for my PHP project. I had this one already,
> but it 'magically' disappeared. I tried reimporting my project (as PHP
> application), but I get no classes, methods or members listed in the class
> browser. Switching between plain list, directory grouped and java like view
> mode does not  help.
> The inheritance diagram however does work as expected.
> If anyone has an idea how to solve that oddity, I'd very much appreciate
> it.

Check project settings -> script project and make sure the file mask is 
correct. If it says *.txt, it's not. :)


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