Childframe mode...

hemant gethemant at
Wed Oct 13 06:55:19 BST 2004

People at KDevelop has taken great pains to create this child frame
mode..but it is rather useless...

What we want is something like emacs..Where we can split the editor
window and simply work with.And we need shortcut for that also.I know
Kate is on the same lines.But kdevelop sucks on that front.

There is no way,i can view two files in Kdevelop..unless i use child
frame mode,where i will have to do extensive use of mouse and that is
one thing that i hate.Ok..there is another method...when i detach the
child editor windows and move and resize with mouse ,,,so that two
frames are visible.

But that is again...very time consuming..Something that can be done
purely with the keyboard is best.

I am new to this mailing list..but i have done lots of QT
programming.If there is no solution then i can proceed to fix it.

I used to be indecisive..
  but now i am not so sure...

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