How to install PNG for use in kicker applet?

Maurizio Colucci seguso.forever at
Fri Oct 8 09:57:02 BST 2004


I am a kdevelop newbie. :)  As an addon to my program 
(, I have written a simple kicker applet with 
kdevelop. As you can see in the screenshots on the site, the applet 
looks rather empty :). I would like to display a png on it. It is my 
understanding that I must use the automake manager to add a png to my 
project, so the png will be installed when I do "make install".

My questions are:

1. In what section am I supposed to add the png? I have clicked the 
"src" dir in the upper panel, but now I have to choose between "header 
in noinst", "Data in onefingerapplet", "". I tried 
to choose data, and I discovered the png gets installed in the same 
directory as the .desktop files, which doesn't seem correct... so I am 
asking you.

2. In the C++ code, how do I retrieve the directory where the PNG is 
installed? (Because ultimately I must create a QPixmap, which requires 
the full path of the png). For example, is there some environment 
variable to check?

Thanks for any help,


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