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Markus Mandl Mandl-Bayreuth at
Sat Oct 2 21:00:21 BST 2004

Alexander Neundorf schrieb:


>I had also problems with gdb support.
>I wanted to do remote debugging via a serial line an arm-based hardware.
>So my debugger is arm-elf-gdb, then I have to set the serial interface, load 
>the file, download the file to the target and run it.
>I didn't get this working with kdevelop.
>What is the "Debugging shell" ?
>What is "config gdb script" ?
>What is "run shell script" ?
>What is "Run gdb script" ?
>I tried several things but didn't succeed. I also didn't find any docs about 
>Can somebody help ?

I did this to get  KDevelop working with the msp430-gdb:

In Project-Options->Debugger:

Path to gdb: '/home/mandl/bin' 
       I placed a symlink named 'gdb' pointing to 
'/usr/local/msp430/bin/msp430-gdb'  in this directory
Run gdb script: '/home/mandl/.gdbinit'
       I put the appropriate settings for 'msp430-gdb' to connect with 
the 'msp430-gdbproxy' in this file

I  still have to invoke msp430-gdbproxy manually in a terminal-shell. 
This could probably also be done with 'run shell script' but  I  have 
not tried this yet, since I was more than happy to have it working in 
the first place.

Works like magic :-)



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