problem/bug ?

Paul Redmond P.Redmond at
Fri Nov 12 10:34:15 GMT 2004

Had to build a project quickly yesterday, and so got the latest CVS Head
version of kdevelop.

I added the ccgnu2 library to my project but in haste typed it it
wrongly as gnucc2. I may also have added it as a dependency (or
somewhere in the wrong place). 

Point is I went back through the places I had entered gnucc2 and cleared
it. Did Distclean and clean project and ./configure automake etc but
nothing would stop it trying to build gnucc2. In the end i tracked it
down to the occurrence of :

AM_CXXFLAGS = -ld -lgnucc2
eminterface_DEPENDENCIES = -ldl -lccgnu2 -lpthread
eminterface_LDADD = -ldl

in these files:

eminterface/debug/src/Makefile:AM_CXXFLAGS = -ld -lgnucc2
eminterface/src/ = -ld -lgnucc2
eminterface/src/ = -ld -lgnucc2

These don't seem to get cleared by the clean ./configure cycle. Only way
i could fix the problem was to delete the clock from the files manually.


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