Upgraded to KDevelop 3.1, now no class view appears

Timo Steuerwald timo.steuerwald at gmx.de
Sat Nov 6 19:59:28 GMT 2004

Am 6 Nov 2004 um 16:12 hat Jens Dagerbo geschrieben:

> Try deleting the project .pcs file before you open the project. This will 
> force KDevelop to reparse all of the files in your project. 
> This has been reported as solving this issue for someone. I'm not sure how, 
> but there's nothing to lose from trying. :)
Hi Jens,

thanks for your answer!
No this doesn't help. Class view also even doesn't appear if I create a new 
project (as I already said in a previous mail).  ....Hmmmhh, may be the bug 
sits in front of the computer... ;-)
In my opinion the class browser should appear in the menu "View"->"Tool 
Views" as an item like "Show/Hide class view" and (using the default settings) 
on the left side of the window as register card in the same way as "File List" 
and "File Tree" does. Am I really right? - I thought it could be that the class 
view works in my installation, but I'm only to stupid to find the right menu item 
to make it visible... :-(



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