what's with kdevelop?

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at ida.ing.tu-bs.de
Thu Nov 4 15:19:19 GMT 2004

On Thursday 04 November 2004 15:39, Dusan Zatkovsky wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have used kdevelop2 with no problems long time.
> After I have upgraded to mandrake 10, gcc3, kdevelop3, it is not usable for
> me.
> Kdevelop crashes at start - I must remove all .kdevses files to prevnt
> this.
Here works fine.

> Breakpoints does not stop, I can't run program ("no executable file 
> specified") and many other bugs.
Here they stop.

> Is it problem of my mandrake?

> [when  kdevelop is compiled from sources, I have tried kdevelop-current, day
> snapshot etc...]
Don't try stuff!!! Get KDevelop CVS HEAD and solve your problems.


Amilcar Lucas
Current webmaster
The KDevelop project

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