what's with kdevelop?

Dusan Zatkovsky zatkovsky at printsoft.cz
Thu Nov 4 14:39:43 GMT 2004

Hi all.

I have used kdevelop2 with no problems long time.

After I have upgraded to mandrake 10, gcc3, kdevelop3, it is not usable for 

Kdevelop crashes at start - I must remove all .kdevses files to prevnt this.
Breakpoints does not stop, I can't run program ("no executable file 
specified") and many other bugs.

All this bugs was reported about year before but still having problems.

Why this problems so long time? Is it problem of my mandrake? [when kdevelop 
is compiled from sources, I have tried kdevelop-current, day snapshot etc...]



Dusan Zatkovsky

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