Making a simple C application with KDevelop

Charles Trois charles.trois at
Sat May 22 15:11:28 BST 2004

Hello, world!

I have just installed KDevelop 3.0 on my iMac running Yellow Dog Linux 3.0.1
with KDE 3.2, and I am beginning to experiment with it.

What I would like to do is to write some .h and .c (or .cpp) files, put them
into a project and leave it to KDevelop to complete the job (just as I could
do in the old days with, for instance, Symantec C).

With that in view, I have built the C hello project and named it "ex1" in
the default project directory. Such as it is,  it is not very useful, but I
understand that it can be adapted to make something else, let's call this

I therefore opened the "Project > Import existing project" dialog and tried
to fill it as follows: under Directory, I put <default>/ex2; under project
name, "ex2"; for the type, I chose Generic C appl (automake-based). There
remains the "fetch from" field: I suppose that it should contain "ex1",
since I should draw something from this project as a first step.

The trouble is that I cannot fill (edit) this field, because, although it
can be selected, writing or copying into it does not work. But perhaps I do
not tackle my problem the right way?

I should be grateful for some advice. I may mention that I have looked at
the archive of this list, and also at the bugs database, but found nothing
relevant to this particular problem.


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