Would *you* try this? ccache 4 to 5 times faster compiles?

Steven T. Hatton hattons at globalsymmetry.com
Fri Feb 27 05:56:35 UTC 2004

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On Wednesday 25 February 2004 09:01 pm, Pupeno wrote:
> I used it lots of times, didn't find diferences on small programs, but when
> making rpms, for little mistakes you might need to recompile everything,
> and it speeds up a lot,
I wonder if it can cause problems.  I typically compile KDevelop a couple 
times a day, and don't want to introduce any significant sources of hidden 
problems on my end.  OTOH, a fresh build can take a very long time.  

Just today I build KDevelop and have symptoms I haven't seen for months.  It 
has to do with the background color of certain strings. Usually the first 
string in a tab and any hotkey characters will have their background set to 
red and green respectively.  That last time it happened, it turned out to be 
a KDE library linking problem.  I'm now rebuilding KDevelop from a make clean 
without the symlinks to ccache.

> if you're intrested in speeding up, why don't you 
> take a look at distcc... it is for distributed compiling, I used it once
> with great results.

Actually, I was just poking around in my 100s of installed programs that I 
have never used.  When I saw the claims, I figured it was worth bringing up.  
If distcc is easy to set up, I might be interested.  As I've already said, 
KDevelop takes a long time to compile, and the whole KDE can take the better 
part of a day.  

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