gideon and KDE

sting sting zstingx at
Tue Sep 30 07:42:59 BST 2003

I had downloaded the tar.gz of gideon , and tried to run .configure
I het the following error:

" checking for KDE... configure: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix!"
I had installed RH 9 with GNOME,not KDE,
Now , I do not know which kde rpms(or tar.gz files) I should install. (It 
seems to me that
there is more than one that I need).

Can anybody give advice?
what is the source of this error?
Any help will be appreciated.

(BTW, I do have kdelibs and kdeliibs-devel installed (rpm installation).


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