The Mynydd Factor - Review of Gideon

Ian Wadham ianw at
Sat Sep 27 00:14:15 BST 2003

Hello everybody,

And commiserations to all those who, like me, are battling
to understand and use KDevelop 3.  What is the "mynydd"?
Well there is a small prize for anyone who can tell me what
it means ... :-)

But first, please read the attached review (in HTML) of the
Gideon user interface and handbook, which Amilcar Lucas
asked me to write a few weeks ago.   He suggested I send
it to this user group, so here it is.

It says some rather critical things about Gideon, but please
don't anybody get upset ... :-)  My aim is to get people
thinking about the "user friendliness" of Gideon and hopefully
to make some major improvements in that area.

I feel I have earned the right to criticise, having just struggled
through hell and high water to finish my application, using
Gideon, and get it into the KDE 3.2 release stream.  It's a
game called KGoldrunner - in CVS for kdegames.

Happy reading and all the best,

Ian W.
Melbourne, Australia
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