Source file sharing between projects

Andreas Koepfle koepfle at
Mon Sep 22 22:09:17 BST 2003

Hi Mickael,
I also have this problem in my everyday work, as I'm maintainig the linux side 
of some (windows originated) projects here at university.
In my opinion the project management in Visual Studio is more flexible than 
the hierarchical Automake/Makefile approach on linux. Especially if you want 
to share libs between different applications, but the libs are not yet stable 
enough, so that a big part of your work still happens in the libs. Then it is 
nice if you can add them into your application project, so that they get 
recompiled automatically but still have the sources in their original place.
I'm maintaing my projects with qmake manager in gideon at the moment and it 
works quite well. I have one *.pro file per lib/app that act like 
visual-studio's *.vcproj files and one toplevel file that works 
like visual studio's *.sln files. This lets you keep the same 
directory-structure as on windows (i.e. you can share the same 
However you can't do all that is needed for it with the qmake manager part in 
gideon, you have to do some manual editing of *.pro-files. 
I have to check whether I can add the missing functionality under kdevelop 3.0 
feature freeze.
If you're interested however, I can mail you some example lib/ files to 
do it yourself with current gideon from CVS.


On Friday 19 September 2003 19:35, Mickael Faivre-Macon wrote:
> Hi,
> I come from the Windows programming world where the source file of a
> project can be shared between projects. You put your classes in a
> directory and when you include them in a project, they stay in the
> directory they are in. When including files in a KDevelop project, the
> files are copied to the project directory. I find that very annoying
> since a utility class can be used in a lot of project and when you make
> a change in the class you have to copy the newer version to all your
> project dir to have the latest version of you class available.
> Why is it like that ? What can I gain over my old habits by adopting
> this Linux way of doing things ?
> Mickael.
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