Source file sharing between projects

Gunther Piez gpiez at
Mon Sep 22 19:43:30 BST 2003

On Monday 22 September 2003 18:46, Mickael Faivre-Macon wrote:

> I am working every day with these home-made libraries and if I had to
> recompile the library *and* the project every time I change something in
> the lib, I would spend my life reload the projects and compiling.
> (Unless KDevelop 2.1 or Gideon (I am using KDevelop 2.1) handles
> multiple projects ? I don't think so).

Gideon can't handle multiple projects at the same time, but it can handle 
multiple targets. Since you are changing your library very often, have you 
considered making it a subtarget of one of your projects? I admit this is a 
ugly solution, if it is used by many of your other projects, it would be 
clearly better to have it in a separate project...
So, if reloading of a project isn't an option, have you tried starting gideon 
twice? One with your lib-project, the other with your favourite project...
I still got the feeling that there is a slight misunderstanding somewhere.

> As I said - and it seems I am not the only one (see previous post by
> Rolf Thunbo) - KDevelop can not handle symbolic-links. So here I am,
> still with my sources spawned in every projects dir...

I just tried adding some files to my project, using symlinks. It worked. They 
are symlinks and they stay symlinks. The bug rolf described is about the 
class-parsing of symlinked files, which currently seems broken. But 
nevertheless his symlinks seem to stay symlinks too (otherwise the bug 
wouldn't show up). So I have to assume a layer-8-error :-)

> I do consider using libs, if KDevelop can handle multiple projects, some
> day, but I would prefer to have a option to be able to include my shared
> source files into all my project. It is just handy. One day, I will
> distribute my lib to the World and beyond, but not today.

I still think symlinks are the way to go for you. Did you use the automake 
manager for adding you shared source files?


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