Source file sharing between projects

Mickael Faivre-Macon mickael at
Mon Sep 22 17:46:17 BST 2003

Hi Tarjei,

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

But I am familiar with the concept of libraries (they exist in the
Windows world too, we are part of the same species, programmers ;-). I
am just not familiar with Linux and KDevelop yet.

It is not a matter of misconception but a matter of choice. I am
self-employed, working on my little projects for my little customers. I
am working every day with these home-made libraries and if I had to
recompile the library *and* the project every time I change something in
the lib, I would spend my life reload the projects and compiling.
(Unless KDevelop 2.1 or Gideon (I am using KDevelop 2.1) handles
multiple projects ? I don't think so).

As I said - and it seems I am not the only one (see previous post by
Rolf Thunbo) - KDevelop can not handle symbolic-links. So here I am,
still with my sources spawned in every projects dir...

I do consider using libs, if KDevelop can handle multiple projects, some
day, but I would prefer to have a option to be able to include my shared
source files into all my project. It is just handy. One day, I will
distribute my lib to the World and beyond, but not today.

Thanks again for your time all of you... :)

French guy in Taiwan

>I think there's a slight misconception here. If you have utility classes
>that are used across a multitude of projects, then those utility classes
>belong in a utility library which you should use "externally" in your
>other projects. If you want to develop and maintain those utility
>classes using KDevelop, then you should create a separate project for
>them. You should add any needed headers to be installed with that
>package. Whenever you do a new version of your utility library, you
>should build and "make install" it, for instance to /usr/local.
>When you want to use your utility library in other projects, you should
>just #include the headers you need, and link your project with your
>utility library. Your library files should not be included in other
>projects at all, just like you would never include any parts of the
>standard library into your project.

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