Source file sharing between projects

Mickael Faivre-Macon mickael at
Sat Sep 20 04:10:12 BST 2003

Hi Tobias,

Thank you for your reply!

This does not resolve the fact that each file added to the project is 
duplicated into the project dir.... I don't want to work on a copy of my 
files. That's the problem. Do you mean I have to include them manually? 
Without using "Project/Add existing files"? How can I do that?


Tobias Gläßer wrote:

>just put your xyz.h
>into /usr/include/xyz/xyz.h
>and add the line
>#include <xyz.h>
>into your projects!
>Then you only have to update
>but I would administrate xyz in a
>small separate project.
>Tobias Gläßer
>Am Fre, 2003-09-19 um 17.35 schrieb Mickael Faivre-Macon:
>>I come from the Windows programming world where the source file of a 
>>project can be shared between projects. You put your classes in a 
>>directory and when you include them in a project, they stay in the 
>>directory they are in. When including files in a KDevelop project, the 
>>files are copied to the project directory. I find that very annoying 
>>since a utility class can be used in a lot of project and when you make 
>>a change in the class you have to copy the newer version to all your 
>>project dir to have the latest version of you class available.
>>Why is it like that ? What can I gain over my old habits by adopting 
>>this Linux way of doing things ?

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