The Autotools issues

Dorin Lazar lazar at
Thu Sep 4 14:30:19 BST 2003

   I write you as a programmer that has had the sad experience of moving some 
project from a version of kdevelop to a newer version. (that was with 2.x). 
More, I moved from RedHat 7.3 to RedHat 9 (where somehow the kdevelop is 
totally broken - unable to create a simple project). And I think that RedHat 
9 shows the same problems as those I had - when the kdevelop expects 
different autotools series. The configure creation fails, and using an old 
configure is not an option - because you might want to change something in 
the project.
  Also, there are some problems when simple changes in the project file (like 
the name of the author) will rebuild the configure script - creating an 
unusable version - the solution being to update the manually. But 
this behaviour occured on an already desynced system (with autotools changed 
to the versions from another system, and stuff like that).
   A more detailed description of the issues I can't make - it was truly 
upsetting the effort needed to move to a different version, so I haven't 
recorded all the problems - but I think that you are familiar with this. Is 
there any way to solve this problem? or are the autotools so broken that a 
simple change of version upsets the project?
   The reason I write you is to ask if the new gideon will be more robust 
regarding this issue? Or perhaps a better system should be thought? How could 
the build system be changed/or the configure generation model (if needed)?

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