Adding man pages to C projects

Frank Aune faune at
Wed Sep 3 18:02:57 BST 2003


Ive just started using KDevelop 3.0 alpha 5, and I have created a basic CL 
C-program. Im very satisfied with the automake setup, which automatically 
preps a dist file for me with 'make dist'

However I cant find out how to add a man page to the project, and let alone 
hack the Makefiles to install one. (Actually I did manage to hack it to 
install the man file, but once I do make -f Makefile.cvs all changes are 

On the project root, I got these folders for the man page - as per instructed 
by Kdevelop:


(Kdevelop suggested man3, but for my CL program I should use man8). Can 
someone guide me through the neccesary steps?

In advance, thank you very much.


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