Compiling code from multiple folders

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Wed May 28 00:07:38 BST 2003

Thanks Etienne. 

I was hoping for an easy solution such as a menu option I was not
seeing. We are a relatively small company (3 developers) and, while the
problem is annoying, we can't justify investing too much more man power
in finding a cleaner solution. A bunch of batch files and scripts will
have to suffice, along with a clear protocol on when each is to be run.
Not a very scalable solution, but it will do for now until we hire more

Thanks all.

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> Thanks for the reply Isreal. Unfortunately this is not enough. This 
> method creates multiple copies of the Common files. Now if a change is

> made to a common file I need to manually copy that updated file to all

> projects that are using it. This is unmanageable :(.

I also felt that it comes to problmes with KDevelop (using v2.1.5
myself) when 
numerous developers are working on miscellanelous plattforms and you
need to 
manage existing or externaly added files to the project (i.e. using
CVS). Sometimes the '.kdevprj'-File contains old files wich do not exist
anymore and 
it's hard to keep this file consistent if files are added from an
source. I had the problem that KDevelop run into trouble keeping track
it's makefiles, too.

I have to admit that I'm not familiar with autoconf and automake and the
KDevelop uses these tools.

At least I used 'qmake' to let it generate the makefiles - it's very
and does work on various plattforms. Once QMake has written it's
makefiles I 
can use the KDevelop IDE - it just runs make and doesn't determine that
makefiles are not created by itself. To make this practicable I wrote a 
little Perl script that traverses the project directory, does then
create the 
corresponding '.pro' files and writes a '.kdevprj' file itself ... if
added some files (so everytime I do a cvs checkout) I just start the
and then KDevelop works fine for me.

Now, this can't realy be the solution but currently I don't know a
better way 
to do my work. The mentioned perl script was written for our projects
and so 
it's very specialized and depends on our environment. But for the first
might probably give some handwritten qmake-files a try - maybe this
solve your subdir makefiles problem and you can use these files to
your VS stuff also.

But instead of using qmake externaly, it might be possible to fine tune 
KDevelops configure or makefile files (.in, .am, and so on). Is there
documentation on how KDevelop does use these files (i.e. on wich 
circumstances KDevelop does create wich file out of what source) and on
to manipulate them without confusing KDevelop?!?

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