Compiling code from multiple folders

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Fri May 23 21:08:42 BST 2003

Thanks for the reply Isreal. Unfortunately this is not enough. This
method creates multiple copies of the Common files. Now if a change is
made to a common file I need to manually copy that updated file to all
projects that are using it. This is unmanageable :(.

The stopgap solution I am using at the moment is I create hard links to
the Common shared files from within each project folder. The downside to
this happens because some of the Common files are not only shared
amongst Linux projects but are also cross platform and used in some
windows projects. Whenever I need to update the Linux copy of the Common
files from a windows, the copy breaks all the hard links (I am using
windows to do the copy and it must create new inodes for some reason).
As such, whenever I update the files that are shared between windows and
linux, I need to recreate all hard links. This is more manageable than
the above solution but still a pain.

What I really need is for multiple projects to be able to use and
compile code that exists in a file that is at a single location and
which numerous projects share. Not to compare Kdev with VS, but VS does
this with extreme ease and has always done so (at least since I started
using it 6 years ago).

Any help or pointers is appreciated,

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Do the following:
Create a new kdevelop proyect, add the folder you want to inside the
folder, the use the option Add existing file in the proyect menu and do
expected, select the files and the folder you want they to be thats
all... best reg at rds Israel

On Friday 23 May 2003 02:17 pm, you wrote:
> If I have the following directory structure:
> Code
>     Project1
>         main.cpp
>     Common
>         Logging.h
>         Logging.cpp
> and I want to use KDevelop to compile a project consisting of 
> main.cpp, Logging.h and Logging.cpp, how do I go about doing it? Using

> CVS is not an option. Nor is upgrading KDevelop (I'm using 2.1).
> I have tried using ln to link Logging.* into the Project1 folder. This

> works, but becomes unmanageable when the Common folder contains 
> hundreds of files (as it does in our current real project). I then 
> tried using ln -s to create a symbolic link to Common folder from 
> within the Project1 folder. I can add the files to the project ok, but

> only a is created and I can't make the project at all. It 
> complains about 'no rule to make target all' for the Common static 
> library.
> I've been at this days and tried everything I can think of, along with

> googling for every possible keyword I could think that might relate to

> this problem, all with no success. Any help or pointers would be 
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John
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