Problems with sub folders static library compilation

John Savage JSavage at
Thu May 15 05:42:52 BST 2003

I am trying to compile a single executable from a number of source files in
a number of different folders using KDevelop 2.1. I have used ln -s to make
sure all the folders I need appear as sub folders from my kdevproj folder.
Kdevelop has added a makefile into each of these sub folders, but when I try
to build everything I get 'no rule to make target all' errors for each sub
folder. What have I done wrong? I'm a seasoned Windows programmer, but I've
always used GUIs to deal with the whole make procedure, as such there may be
some make setting I'm not aware of :(. I've spent most of today googling and
I also searched this list archive for help but haven't found any help :(.

Does anyone know of a solid HOWTO on compiling a kdevelop program from
source spread across multiple dirs? Any help would be appreciated.


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