Howto create static or shared lib with GIdeon ( a4 + ) II

raggi at raggi at
Tue May 6 16:40:50 BST 2003

Quoting Serge Lussier <lusse at>:
> project then try another way, I screwup the project (.am files ). 
> The best I get is this, while gideon runs auto* tools: 
> "error: nco is not a valid standard library name" 
> ... uh ??
you'll find some information in kdevelop forum

maybe, it's time to update the FAQ page on it seems that the 
most frequent questions are

  * how to create libraries?
  * why kdevelop doen't find the installed plugins?
  * why code completion sucks? and how i can use code completion
    for external libraries(like Qt,KDE,SDL,..)

ciao robe

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