Howto create static or shared lib with GIdeon ( a4 + ) II

Serge Lussier lusse at
Tue May 6 15:12:03 BST 2003

Hi there, ( my english is bad )

I 've already asked about how to create subfolders that holds sources files 
for a static library under the current project, so I repost-re-ask the 

The below situation is for real -

I am trying to use gideon to make a plain C++ project:
The project is a C++ wrapper (static library) for the ncurses API
and  the lib source code is under the namespace "nc".

Thus, the project itself will run a test program (main.cpp) but
while using this program I need to build the effective library - let say 
libnco.a. this target, as in Kdevelop2.x, was really easy to setup because
I just had  to add a subfolder ( [...]/nc/nc/nco ) with all the lib source 
code in that subdir. KDevelop2.x setup the .am files to build the effective 

How is this possible with GIdeon ???
I tried every ways with the use of the "automake" panel with all the way I 
thought being the right way to do it . Each time I wipeout then restart the 
project then try another way, I screwup the project (.am files ). 
The best I get is this, while gideon runs auto* tools: 
"error: nco is not a valid standard library name" 
... uh ??

I tried to load gideon project in gideon itself, but no clue since the setup 
for the parts, libs  are ...already done ...

I need guide lines on how to do it in gideon. I am too much used with 
My knowledges of gmake and friends are "0" - zero - nothing...
Please don't replay with answers like: "Use the automake panel GUI tools. It 
is very easy and straitforward." 

Serge Lussier

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