[FEATURE] cvs menu -> replace with latest from cvs

Andreas Wuest AndreasWuest at gmx.de
Wed Jan 29 21:06:03 UTC 2003


i have just added the feature i requested (see the two attached patches).
The only problem remaining is that the displayed file is not updated and
i have not idea how to force a reload of the updated file. Pressing F5
reloads the file, but that should be triggered automatically. If you can
give me a hint how to trigger the reload i can fix that myself :)



> > is it possible to add a menu item "Replace with latest from cvs" to the
> > cvs context menu, just like Eclipse  ??
> > Selecting that menu point the local version of the file will be replaced
> > with the latest version of the file in cvs.
> I've done something like this for Perforce already ("revert"), shouldn't be
> too difficult for CVS. Sorry, I'd do it myself but I'm totally swamped at
> the moment :(
> If you want to give it a shot: Just check parts/cvs/cvspart.cpp, insert
> another item into the popup, connect it to a slot and fire a cvs command
> like the others do. Send a patch to kdevelop-devel at kdevelop.org and we'll
> like you forever :)
> Best regards,
> Harry
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