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Wed Jan 29 16:54:14 UTC 2003

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	To add files to your project you just open the files from File->Open.... 
however I don't think that will cause the files to be parsed for code 
completion... if you want that I think you can trick Gideon with a symlink in 
your main folder that points to the common dir... but be aware that recursive 
symlinks will crash it...

On Wednesday 29 January 2003 17:31, you wrote:
> I'm using Gideon for developing Php sites.
> In our PHP/Apache enviroment we have a "common" directory containing the
> common functions used by all our sites and then each site has its own
> folder.
> When i create a PHP project i tell Gideon that the project main folder
> is that of the site and it works... it shows me the classes and other
> code stuff i defined in that dir. Now i want also to add to the project
> the external "common" directory so that into the class browser i see the
> common functions...
> How can i achieve this? I search for "Add Files to project" but no
> way... i didn't find...
>  Can anyone help? I think an answer to this question would help many PHP
> developers...
> Thank you, Denis

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