Gideon doubts????

Harald Fernengel harry at
Tue Jan 28 16:26:42 UTC 2003


On Monday 27 January 2003 17:35, you wrote:
> Hi, look I made a new C++ qmake hello word project, in /home/nebula/lolo,
> open the lolo.cpp and in the qmake manager clic in rebuild, then a message
> box with the text: "There is no Makefile in this directory. Run qmake
> first?" [yes, no], clic yes and in the Messages of gideon I got:
> (yellow message ;) cd /home/nebula/lolo/src && make clean && make
> (blue message ;) make ***No rule to make target 'clean'. Stop
> (red message ;) ***Exited with status: 2 ***
> Before this message appear another but unreadable because it desapear very
> fast, then I run qmake in the project dir and I got the following message:
> "QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.
> Error processing project file:"

your qmake is not installed properly. Make sure you are not mixing several Qt 
versions. I also suggest reading the qmake manual how to get qmake up and 

Does "export QMAKESPEC=linux-gcc" help?

Best regards,

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