Fwd: @INC error

Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Tue Jan 28 14:08:21 UTC 2003

> I have tried installing the alpha version and the latest stable release
> and no matter what I do when I try to create a new project I get an
> error stating that it can't find a file and then lists the @LIB paths
> which do not contain the path for the file its looking for.

What happened is that the first time you ran ./configure it added paths to the 
perl scripts used for setting up the project files, and now you must have 
either changed installation directories or never fully installed kdevelop 
into the KDE directories...

To fix the problem, either remove, recompile, and reinstall kdevelop - or go 
into the source directories of the template apps you're wanting to use, and 
delete the script.local file, then reconfigure, remake, and reinstall that 
part. (kdevelop/parts/appwizard/______/script.local)

You can also go into $KDEDIR/share/apps/kdevappwizard/template-_______, find 
the file called "script", and edit the top line to point to the proper 
kdevappwizard/template-common file.

This is definitely an issue that needs fixed, but I don't know the automake 
stuff well enough to know how to change it.  I've looked into it before, and 
just gotten frustrated.

Hope that helps


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