Kdevelop using make options I havent set and dont think exist

Evil Kosh evil_kosh_uk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 26 21:58:31 UTC 2003


I've got the codebase for SolarCell, my lightwave ScreamerNet controller
here and I'm trying to build it but I get the following error, which to
me, doesnt make sense.

*** Creating Makefile templates 
src/Makefile.am:3: required directory src/include does not exist 
src/Makefile.am:3: required directory src/solarcell does not exist 

Now, a quick output of my codebases tree would be

/home/usr/Code/cvs/Solarcell is the base directory


(solarcell is a symlink to the src directory because of kdevelops imho
awful feature of making an identically named subdir within the project
directory, such a silly thing to do imho, so I put a src folder, all my
src is in there, with a symlink to keep kdevelop happy, btw, this does
work, cause I've compiled my src before, so noone point the finger at
this symlink ok, cause it's not the problem for sure)

so for some reason, kdevelop is trying to access the


directories, but I've never asked it to, nor do I know why it's doing
this.  I reckon the best way to slap kdevelop upside of the head would
be to manually alter the configuration using kedit or something, but I'm
unsure as to where I should look and what I can safely alter.

I was hoping someone here could point out what I should do, cause I'm
stumped.  Thanks


Evil Kosh <evil_kosh_uk at yahoo.co.uk>

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