More feature request from me...

Falk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Fri Jan 10 10:55:21 UTC 2003

> 	I was wondering if the following could be done... Currently I'm only
> using 
> the alpha 2, so it might already be implemented:
> First, the file tree should sort directories in the top and files
We just use a class from the KDELibs/KDEUI library. Actually one must fix it
there. I had a look but it's non-trivial. It looked to me that most sorting
stuff is called internally and is designed as private.

We could use an alternative class from elsewhere but I didn't find one yet.
IMO the best would be to clone the treefileview class from Konqueror (the
upper-right view in Konqueror when set in tree mode). One just must remove the
additional columns there in that listview and just let remain column 0
(file/folder names). Anybody feel free to do it, I don't have that time atm...

F at lk

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