Gideon on RH8.0 Unuseable

Julian Rockey linux at
Sat Jan 4 22:09:00 UTC 2003

On Saturday 04 Jan 2003 9:22 pm, Mathias-H. Weber wrote:
> Am Samstag, 4. Januar 2003 20:56 schrieben Sie:
> I tried to google for "kdevprj2pdevelop" and "2kdevelop" but no result. I
> downloaded the "ls-lR" file from a KDE mirror but did not find any
> occurence of "2?dev".
Did you search this list? I placed it at yesterday as someone else 
mentioned some packages haven't included it
> I cannot believe that so many people work with gideon while my very basic
> steps just fail and render it unusable. Aren't my approaches the very two
> use cases that 90% of all new developers will start with when they migrate
> from kdevelop 2 to gideon? What is the big mistake I am making?
True, but please bear in mind that gideon is still alpha software - it's 
expected to crash now and then.

Alpha sofware often works very well on the developers' machines but can crash 
a lot more when run in different environments. The reason for releasing alpha 
software is to get bug reports from people trying to run the program in many 
different circumstances.

I imagine it's something about your system that's causing the crashes, as 
obviously it's not happening for most people. I'd advise trying the latest 
CVS, and if the crashes still occur report the problem and include a 
backtrace. This way, developers who might not have encountered the problem 
can try to fix it.

Otherwise, if you're after a stable development environment I'd advise waiting 
till the final version is released.


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