Gideon on RH8.0 Unuseable

JD Dubchak jdubchak at
Sat Jan 4 19:56:29 UTC 2003


In the past I've tried a number of times to download and install Gideon, today 
being the latest.  I grabbed the RPM from, installed it and 
attempted to create a simple console based Hello World application.

Everytime, without exception, when I click the Finish button on the New 
Project Wizard I get a SIGSEV crash error.

Is there some dependency that I need?  I had 2.1.4 installed and working fine 
on my system and aftering uninstalling it and installing the latest Gideon 
RPM, it simply does not work - with the above described behavior.  Has anyone 
else seen this?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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