Gideon crash when trying to open Project options

Simon Ejsing simon at
Sat Jan 4 13:19:44 UTC 2003

	Doesn't seem my first email got through... so here it is again

	Gideon a2 crashes everytime I try to acces the Project Options menu, I get
 no crash report, so it looks like a clean exit instead?

	It could seem that some libraries paths are missing, as I can't compile
anything using any Qt classes.

	I'm using slackware 8.1 distribution (kernel 2.4.20), with compiled from
source Qt 3.1 beta2 (debuging enabled), and KDE 3.1 rc5 (kdelibs also
compiled with debuging enabled), and Gideon alpha2 compiled from source (no
debuging enabled)

	I've tried running it from a console and I've attached the debug info if
 it's to any use. If you need anything else to be able to track down this
 problem please say so :)

	Best regards Simon Ejsing
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