Recursive loop + binary installation

Stefano Rosanelli stefano.rosanelli at
Thu Aug 28 14:57:23 BST 2003

zavier degraf wrote:
> I have got the problem that when I make changes to the
> project settings in KDeveleop 2.1.5 it seems to go
> into an infinite loop when trying to compile. 

I can't help with this specific problem.. but....

> Yes, I know I should be using Gideon, but I cannot get
> it to compile and there is no RPM for Mandrake 9.1.

I have (better had) the same problem on Mandrake 9.1 which is related to 
some automake version if I remember... but I have been able to make 
Gideon run on Mandrake making a kind of 'brutal' binary installation 
from sources compiled on a RedHat 9 using --prefix=/opt/gideon .... 
(just copied the dirs and used a stupid shell script)

... so why don't provide a binary build as an alternative to source 
Something like Openoffice or Mozilla binary installations could be great 
.... and there should be a safer (and more elegant) way to do the 
'brutal installation' I did

Is it possible?? Are there any real obstacles??


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