Recursive loop

zavier degraf zdegraf at
Thu Aug 28 11:46:49 BST 2003


I have got the problem that when I make changes to the
project settings in KDeveleop 2.1.5 it seems to go
into an infinite loop when trying to compile. 

If I create a fresh Qt SDI project it compiles fine,
as long as I do not touch any of the project settings.

If I now go into "Build | Configure" it contains
"--with-qt-dir=/usr/lib/qt3", which seems reasonable.
If I then click OK it does some checking and then
finally reports:
config.h is unchanged
*** success ***

So, if I change nothing is works!
When I change any of the settings, however, it just
goes into an infinite loop. Is there a simple solution
to this problem?

Yes, I know I should be using Gideon, but I cannot get
it to compile and there is no RPM for Mandrake 9.1.


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