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Fri Aug 22 18:44:35 BST 2003

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On Friday 22 August 2003 13:12, Cornelius Kölbel wrote:
> Pupeno wrote:
> >Does anybody know, on a KDE project created by KDevelop (3.0), how to use
> > tr and generate the files for Qt Linguistic and so on ? (please, don't
> > ask me why I need this).
> >Thank you.
> hello,
> I do it this way:
> i18n("This is the english Text")
> Everywhere a String or QStriong is expected, I do an i18n.
> project->add new translation
> go to the po-directory and edit the po-file using kbabel.
> Cornelius

I'm sorry, but it seems you missunderstood me. I don't want to use i18n/KDE 
translation system but Qt's one (tr + Qt Linguistic). I know how to do it the 
KDE way in a KDE applicaiton and the Qt way in a Qt qmake project. What I 
need is to do it the Qt way in a KDE application.
Thank you.
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