making a project-file for an existing project.

Ole Jacob Hagen waterthrill at
Wed Aug 13 10:01:39 BST 2003


I am using xemacs, as my default editor and hacking, and's. 

My project is geting larger, since it will be an application with a lot
of features. 

My project is organized like this; 

   -> include -> with 4 subfolders
   -> src -> with 4 subfolders.(lib<>.a is made in these folders, which 
             is used in $SRC_ROOT), 
   -> cfg -> m4-scripts.

How can I import/make a gideon project with this structure? Can I hack
the <project>.kdevelop-file to suit my project? Is this feasible? 
I am linking to Qt-3.1.2, in my project. 
And therefore I like to set the c++ parsing folders to $QTDIR/include,
is this feature made completely yet? And setting my own folder
consisting header-files, would be nice.

It seems to be a problem with code-completion features in  cvs-version
of gideon.

When are kdevelop-3.0 released? Late this year or during spring next

Keep on the good work.


Ole J.

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